Our events are face to face and non-mediated by technology. They are opportunities for communities and groups to engage and discuss about democracy as it pertains to their lives. We invite you to help us organize these events in your communities, neighborhoods and organizations.

1. Citizen Café- 3 hours

Conversations about democracy, citizenship, freedom, rights and human development

“I really enjoyed the Citizen’s Cafe. It was very eye opening and reminded me just how fragile our democracy is. It was a timely, important discussion everyone in America should be having.”

2. Socrates Last Stand– 3 hours

Questioning assumptions about the world and oneself

3. Tech Free Retreats- weekend

Experiences in non-digital, gadget free human connection and learning

4. Community Potluck- 3-5 hours

Neighborhood meetings to stimulate conversations, build conviviality and relationships